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I have my mom to thank for the journey I’ve been on. Christmas 2018, I received the Cricut Maker. Super intimidated at all of the crafts that can be created with it, it sat in the box for quite some time. Being forced to work from home when the pandemic hit, I decided to finally take it out of the box when I had free time. I dove right in, full force.

I started to realize quickly that making a product and designing it, are two completely different tasks. It forced me to challenge my Photoshop skills that I haven’t visited since the 7th grade.

It’s crazy to think and compare how far I’ve come. Quality is something I strive for with each product. I honestly learn something new each day, and that’s what keeps me going. It brings me so much joy when a client asks if I can make something I haven’t quite tackled before, entrusting in my creative abilities. I am now currently in the works of learning adobe illustrator, and boy is it a learning curve.

I take pride in bringing your vision to life. A picture is worth 1,000 words and even more emotions. Keepsakes such as T-shirts, rock plaques, decals, and resin crafts mean so much more when they are made with a personalized touch. Feel free to contact me at tapather@outlook.com for any questions, comments, or concerns.